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Hey, I'm Nick. I'm a software engineer and data scientist.

I currently work in NYC, NY as an FDE for Palantir where I solve problems involving performance, security, and reliability of software systems. I've previously interned as a data scientist at Axcella Health and a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin. Outside of work I enjoy reading, snowboarding, SCUBA diving, rock climbing, soccer, and cooking!


I graduated from MIT with an SB in Computer Science and Engineering (6-3) in 2023. During my time in Boston, I was a member of the Eta Kappa Nu honor society, vice president of the IFC, and a kicker for the football team. I enjoy all things academia and am happy to discuss my experiences regarding applications, classes, and student life.


Feel free to contact me using this public key (alternatively gpg --receive-keys 0xf8e76d494991ad24)